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Write to your elected representatives

Writing to your local councillors, MP and MSP is the most important thing you can do to oppose the proposed tram route along the Roseburn Path.

Below are letter templates you can send to your elected representatives.

 If you can, please personalise the words, as this will help your letter have more impact.






Dear [MP / MSP / CLLR],


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent of [YOUR CONSTITUENCY]. I am writing to you today because I am concerned about Edinburgh City Council’s plans to extend the tram network down the Roseburn Path. This is something that is particularly important to me as:


  1. I believe the Roseburn Path is a green space that needs to be protected. The Path is an incredibly important space for wildlife, native trees and plants. We should be protecting and creating more green spaces in the city, not destroying them. The moves to threaten this green space are at odds with recent public and political sentiment on the push towards protecting our natural environment / urban green spaces and the push towards net zero. In particular, I would highlight the conflict with Edinburgh’s own “Climate Ready Edinburgh” report published in December 2023.

  2. I believe in protecting the integrity of a key active travel corridor. The proposed tram threatens a route used by Edinburgh residents for walking, cycling, running, commuting, spending time with friends and family, teaching children to cycle etc. As well as the active travel benefits, the ability for residents to access a quiet green space away from the urban environment also provides significant mental health benefits.


I am asking you to take the following steps to address my concerns:

  • Meet with members of Edinburgh City Council to discuss my concerns before the end of the public consultation;

  • Seek to ensure that any damage to green space will be factored into the evaluation of the various options; and

  • Seek to ensure that Transport Scotland’s published guidance on active travel strategies will be factored into the evaluation of the various options


In your response I would like you to outline the ways you intend to address this on my behalf. If you are unable to address this personally, I would like to request that you escalate my letter to the relevant Minister or department.


Please do keep me informed of any progress made.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully,



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