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Why we're here

The City of Edinburgh Council has proposed an extension to the tram network. The proposed route from Granton to the city centre along the Roseburn Path would permanently destroy a vital green space and negatively impact on quality of life for Edinburgh residents and their families.

Our aim is to stop the Edinburgh City Council in its tracks and save the Roseburn Path for the people of Edinburgh.


Our objective is clear: to stop the proposed tram extension going down the Roseburn Path. 

1. We want to protect the integrity of a key active travel corridor. The route is used by Edinburgh residents for walking, running, commuting, cycling, bench sitting and spending time in nature. It's a slice of calm in our busy and often stressful lives.


2. We want to protect one of Edinburgh's last remaining urban green spaces. If the City of Edinburgh Council is allowed to build on this space, it opens the door to further expansion in other green spaces - with particular risk to other areas of the path network.

Trees on Roseburn Path
Cycling and wheeling on The Roseburn Path

Just some of the benefits of the Roseburn Path

Active travel corridor


The Roseburn Path is a vital link in the Edinburgh path network, helping people travel, commute and exercise away from busy streets.

Without it, cyclists, walkers and runners will be pushed to share space on busy roads.

Physical and mental wellbeing


The Roseburn Path offers a respite from our concrete and technology-filled urban environments.

Spending time in green spaces is associated with lower stress levels, reduced rates of depression and anxiety, and improved well-being.

Haven for biodiversity


The Roseburn Path is abundant in wildlife, and is home to badgers, bats, hedgehogs, rabbits and birds among many others.


City of Edinburgh Council has a duty to protect and enhance biodiversity.

Popular and accessible

Away from busy roads, its an accessible route for wheelchair users, buggies, and those who feel less confident in on-road cycling.

Over half a million journeys are made along this section of National Cycle Network Route 1, according to Sustrans.

Mitigating climate change impact

Green spaces are crucial in improving air quality, protecting against increases in heat and flooding and storing carbon.

Maintaining urban green spaces is vital in supporting Edinburgh's climate targets.

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