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The City of Edinburgh Council is planning to turn the Roseburn Path into a tramway.

We want to ensure that the Roseburn Path continues as a fantastic green space and active travel corridor for walking, cycling running.

Please join our campaign to help show that the Roseburn Path really matters to the people of Edinburgh.

The Roseburn Path in Summer
Roseburn Path Bridge & Bike

We believe that trams should replace cars, rather than people walking, cycling and wheeling.

And we know the immense value the Roseburn Path already has to the people of Edinburgh.

The destruction of the Roseburn Path risks the entire path network. If we do not act now, we will lose it forever.

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Runners on Roseburn Path

"It is an invaluable and relatively rare asset to have a green space running through the city that can not only be used for leisure and recreation but also as an ecological transport link. To get rid of the path, for whatever reason, would be madness"


Children on Roseburn Path

Join the Campaign

There are plenty of ways to get involved.

Find out how you can help save the Roseburn Path.

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